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Turn the payroll process into an unstressful one

Look forward to payday even more when you have access to our payroll services that offer the latest in computerization with high-tech components.

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Make payday even more convenient for you

Whether you have one employee or 500 employees, our payroll services are effective for any size of business. Save time and money when you stop processing the payroll yourself. Payday is supposed to be an unstressful day and it can be made that way when you call Johnson Bookkeeping & Tax to take care of the payroll for you.

All you need to know about our payroll services

Payroll Checks At-a-glance

  • No setup fee for converting client payroll data
  • Same day payroll processing accommodated
  • All tax returns use government approved forms
  • MICR (magnetic ink) encoded checks are printed
  • Depost checks for federal forms 940, 941, and SUTA are printed
  • No extra charge for quarterly tax returns
  • Delivery service available for clients requesting it

Each Pay Period You Receive

  • Payroll checks
  • Check register & payroll journal
  • General Ledger Posting Detail
  • Departmental analysis, when required
  • Next pay period time report
  • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) on deposits, when required

Each Quarter You Receive

  • Tax returns, signature ready
  • Federal Form 941 (FICA & FWT)
  • State Unemployment Tax Return (SUTA)
  • Checks for balance due payments, if required
  • Check or ETF for Form 940 (FUTA) deposit
  • Filing instructions
  • Employee earnings reports
  • Special reports required by employer

Annually You Receive

  • W-2 Forms for employees
  • Magnetic media filing of W-2 Forms with IRS & SSA
  • Magnetic media filing of IRS transmittal Form W-3
  • Federal Form 940 (FUTA)
  • Annual payroll summary reports

Give your payroll responsibilities to us.


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