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Keep your records accurate

Know where every dollar goes to and how to better budget yourself or your business when you utilize our bookkeeping services.

Detail of an approved budget document.

Let the experts do the hard work

Bookkeeping, also known as a compilation or a write-up, should be essential for everyone but isn't always the easiest task to do alone. Hire us to do the hard work for you in order to save you a lot of time. Below is a list of advantages you or your business recieves from utilizing our bookkeeping services:

  • Financial comparison
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Tax deductions
  • More accurate payroll

Get to know the process

  •  General Ledger Service:
  1. Bank Reconciliation
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Income Statement
  4. General Ledger
  5. Payroll (after-the-fact)
    • Employee Payroll Register
    • Federal Form 941 (Quarterly)
    • Federal Form 940 (Annually)
    • Federal Forms W-2 (Annually)
    • W-2s & W-3 (Annually)
    • State Employment Tax Return (Quarterly)
  6. State Sales Tax Return (Quarterly)
  • Write-Up - Your source documents are used to prepare computer input data. This means you don't have to fill out lengthy forms for data input purposes.
  • Consultation - There is no additional charge for consulting about your business records or tax matters when such service is performed over the telephone or in our office.
  • Pickup & Delivery Service - There is no additional charge for general ledger pickup and delivery services within the city limits of Lubbock. 

Start tracking and budgeting every transaction when you call us.


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